Multiprotocol Indicator Switching Service (MPLS Links)

Connect to remote branch offices that require access to data or applications in your enterprise data center or corporate headquarters in an instant
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), is a tested and true networking technology that has been powering enterprise networks for more than two decades. Unlike other network protocols that route traffic based on source address and destination, MPLS routes traffic based on predefined "Labels".

It speeds up network connections by sending data packets directly to their destinations instead of bounced them over the Internet.
It supports many protocols and platforms such as IP, ATMs, Ethernet, VPNs, etc.
Enhances network performance and reliability by reducing latency, packet loss, and congestion

Service benefits

Consistent and continuous connection
MPLS Links is characterized by prioritizing important tasks first in the network for the stability of work efficiency
Longer working time
Instant switching of network traffic in the event of a network router downtime or delay for business continuity
Global updates
If you want to modify the network settings, you can update them all at once without the need for individual adjustments.
Faster data passing
Thanks to the advanced data refining mechanism in MPLS, routers can transfer and pass data with less processing and thus greater data transfer speed

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