Distributed denial of service (DDoS) service

Ensure your network is safe from the threat of distributed DDoS attacks and continue to work without interruption
Distributed attacks on networks are often referred to as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This type of attack takes advantage of special capability limits that apply to any network resources, such as the infrastructure that enables a company's website. DDoS attacks will send multiple requests to the attacked web resource, with the aim of bypassing the website's ability to process multiple requests, thus preventing it from working properly.

Service benefits

Reduce downtime
Ease your mind from any attacks that may disrupt the workflow at any time and ensure the continuity and efficiency of your network
Avoid bandwidth costs
One of the most costing attacks is DDoS attacks, so this service is what your business need
Extensive mitigation scale
All attack vectors can be mitigated, to protect against the largest known DDoS attacks.
Full attack analysis
Get detailed reports during the attack, and a full summary after the attack ends

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