Dedicated Internet Access Service (DIA)

Dedicated connectivity provides our customers with a secure and reliable internet connection with high speeds
Dedicated Internet access is a type of Internet service where bandwidth is allocated exclusively to a single user or organization and this means that the user has access to the full capacity of the connection at all times without having to share it with other users

It is typically used by businesses and organizations that require a reliable, high-speed internet connection to support critical applications and services.

Speed: Dedicated internet has better speed than shared internet.
Quality: Dedicated Internet servers provide better quality and reliability.
Clarity: Dedicated Internet servers have better image and video clarity and sound quality.

Service benefits

Fiber optic & microwave
Fiber optic cables provide high speed access to the internet while microwave is an internet connection delivered over a high capacity wireless radio link
Scalability and expandability
Grow your company's connectivity and manage your data without having to slow down or disconnect the internet
Fast upload and download speeds
Because time is invaluable, our speeds save you a lot of it to whichever suits your needs
High security and protection
Since the connection is only established for you, this ensures that no unauthorized party can have access to it

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