Layer 3 VPN service (L3 VPN)

Get instant access to all your files and data on all devices connected to one point and connect to them as if they were in one network
Layer 3 VPN allows you to securely connect to a remote network over the Internet as if you were physically on that network, this is achieved by creating a virtual network tunnel between your device and the remote network, using the third layer of the OSI model to route traffic between the two networks, using Layer 3 VPN, you can access resources on the remote network, such as files, applications, and servers as if they were located on your own network, this type of VPN uses Commonly by companies to provide remote access to employees, contractors and partners

Implements routing mechanisms to isolate and forward traffic to different clients or VPNs
Supports various routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, etc.
Creates a network between two end points

Service benefits

Full network traffic control
L3 VPN provides you with intelligent routing and forwarding capabilities for data transfer
The most efficient
L3 VPN technology can analyze destination address, source address, traffic type, bandwidth availability, congestion level, and other factors to determine the best path for each packet
Easy network connection
All your devices will connect to one high-efficiency router for complete and precise control of your network
Unparalleled communication
Connect devices from different vendors, platforms, and protocols with L3 VPN technology

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