Layer 2 VPN Service (L2 VPN)

Connect all your destinations and devices to one point and communicate with them as if they are in one network
L2 VPN allows you to extend your local network over a wide area network by creating a VPN that mimics the functions of a local area network, it enables you to connect multiple locations or devices as if they were on the same network, providing a secure and seamless connection between them, this can be used for various purposes, such as connecting branch offices, data center connectivity, and cloud networks, L2 VPN enables you to use the following services

Enable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) use
Instant video conferencing support
Allows sharing of files and other data

Service benefits

Guaranteed reliability
L2 VPN does not obtain or process information in transit, ensuring the security of your network.
Expand your network comfortably
Since L2 VPN does not store data, this saves you pressure and speed while expanding your network.
L2 VPN uses low-cost tools and doesn't need new builds
High security and protection
Since the connection is only established for you, this ensures that no unauthorized party can have access to it

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